Merry Christmas to all!
This Christmas we are excited to present you our
Christmas catering menu.

With 4 menus to choose from,  we are sure there is one that would meet your needs.
Check them out :

Christmas Party Set

Oriental Christmas Buffet

Continental Delights Menu

Premium menu

Add-ons Menu

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Our newest addition to our Mini Buffet selections: Tim Sum Delights (Click here to order)

Enjoy an assortment of 7 different dimsums that we are certain of satisfying your tastebuds.

Gone are the days of travelling to a restaurant for dimsum when dimisum can come to your doorstep today!

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We are introducing a brand new range of Deluxe Seminar Packages for you to choose from. Each of these package is well suited for full-day seminars and each comprises of Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Break.

Package A
Package B
Package C

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You may also choose to place your orders with us on foodline.
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